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Timeless beauty of The Royal Grace Collection® AT LAST YOUR OWN CROWN JEWELS.

Showing wealth and power by wearing jewelry and accessories was age-long reserved to a very selected group of people.

Beautiful jewelry were especially present at large celebrating, diners, weddings and important meetings organized by the traditional jet set, the noble and the royalties of the world.

The need to give attention to beauty is of course for a long time no longer a matter of queens and princesses only. Vogue and cosmetics are today’s custom of everybody - everyday and fortunately that applies also to precious jewelry.

In spite of the broad offer of jewelry and accessories, the real timeless jewels have not disappeared of stage and they still are associated with female beauty. The hang to the past and the need for the glamour of the fairy tale becomes also now still imagined by famous movie-stars, models and last-but-not-least by real princesses.

The Royal Grace Collection® has been developed with respect for much of these superb classics. Although anticipating on color and development in the vogue, the collection remains a tone picture of timeless beauty and is an ode to eternal youth, royal splendor and grace; Royal and Graceful.

The Royal Grace jewelry is manufactured in an extremely high-quality manner and made out of 925 Sterling silver. The impression and inspiration of the pieces make you believe as if they were pieces from Royal collections.

However The Royal Grace jewelry is priced in a way that you do not need a Royal Treasury to own them. The Royal Grace Collection® is indeed a tribute to the glamor of of worldly famous movie-stars and king houses, but also a tribute to the beauty of all women of the world.

The time for your own crown jewels has come!


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A perfect addition to the silver collection

A perfect addition to the silver collection

Posted on: 2017-09-14

A perfect addition to the silver collection set with zirconia will be introduced this fall: Royal Grace Diamonds, silver jewelry set with diamond instead of zirconia. The diamonds are selected and handset, this b...

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